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Press Machinery Capacity List – Toolmaking Companies

presstonnagebed size (imperial)air cushion
HME2021 x 14Yes
HME4029 x 26Yes
HME4027 x 22No
Rhodes5028 x 20No
Bliss5030 x 18No
Bentley5030 x 20Yes
Bentley5030 x 20Yes
Bliss6033 x 30Yes
HME7036 x 36No
HME7536 x 27Yes
Bentley8032 x 39Yes
HME10040 x 30Yes
HME10040 x 30Yes
HME10040 x 30No
HME10040 x 30No
HME10040 x 30No
Craig & Donald15060 x 36Yes
HME15040 x 40Yes
HME15040 x 40Yes
SMT Craig & Donald15060 x 36yes
Cowlisham Walker20072 x 48Yes
Cowlisham Walker25072 x 36Yes

Tube Manipulation

    • Anglia Power Bend 72mm x 3mm Wall
    • Threading Machine 1/2″ To 4
    • Ercolina 030-V2T Top Bender

Fabrication Department 

    • Press & Shear Model 1PP050/20
    • Draper Pillar Drill
    • Rushworth 75TON 10ft Long
    • Super Brown 350 cut off saw
    • Still R20-18
    • S&B No5 Fly Press
    • Peddrazzoli B300 cut off saw

Welding Department

    • Mig Tig Welding, Spot Projection & Stud Welding

Tool Room Department

    • Fully Equipped Tool Room

3.5 Ton Transit for deliveries and collections