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As J & J Engineering (Walsall) Ltd are continuing to grow and diverge into new market areas, we have now moved into making bespoke roof safety barrier systems. Launching our new SAFETY BARRIER SYSTEMS for fall protection.

We can offer our expertise in design and manufacturing to create a bespoke system to suit your requirements.

J & J engineering manufactures Guardrails, Free Standing Handrails and Roof Edge Protection Systems in Walsall & Birmingham, West Midlands for the whole of the UK.

What We Offer

  • Site visit to measure and consult all requirements
  • The design and manufacturing of the bespoke system
  • Quotation
  • On-site fitting of a full system
  • Guarantee

Why you Need a Roof Safety System?

Do you ever allow people to go on your flat roof for any reason? Is there a roof safety barrier between the roof and the drop to the floor? Do you want to use your roof for social or business purposes?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you more than likely need a roof safety system.

These roof safety barriers are needed:

  • Protect people from falling off the roof
  • Insurance may not cover people visiting the roof without these roof safety railings
  • Give people peace of mind
  • Allows you to use the space of the roof for other purposes
  • Can be painted to match the rest of the building


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