Shelving systems are made up of 3 basic components:

  • Standards
  • Brackets
  • Shelves

Decorative Brackets

Basic designs are available when it comes to metal shelving brackets and it screws into the walls, while a shelf sits well on top of the brackets.

If you need to enhance the decor of living space, then you choose elaborate ones.


It is a simple process to instal metal shelf brackets with power tools or hand tools. If you use power tools, it will save the amount of time.

You have to take minimum tools with you while installing metal shelve brackets, such as screwdriver bit, stud finder, measuring tape etc.

Locate the Studs in the Wall

  • Using an electronic stud finder to place the wall studs where you can mount the shelf standards and place a mark to symbolize each stud.
  • Position the standards so top ends will be nearby to the ceiling.
  • The top-end is the one with a countersunk screw hole that is very close to the standard edge.

How to Mount the Brackets

  • Mount the standard at the desired height using 3-inch screws.
  • Make sure the standard is plumb.
  • Place the level on top of the mounted standard, mark a level at where the stud is located where the next standard will move on.

How to Attach the Shelves

  • You can attach next shelf standard on the wall using 3-inch screws
  • Make sure the carpenters level so that you can make a standard is plumb
  • Enclose arm brackets to wall standards then install the shelves

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