What is Tube & Pipe Bending?

It is the multiple terms used for the process of metal forming and finally to form tubing or pipes.

Form bound bending process such as rotary raw bending or press bending used to form the work piece into shape of a die.

The straight tube formed using the bending machine to create the variety of single or dual bends to shape the piece in standard form.

Process of Tube or Pipe Bending

Tube bending process starts with loading a tube into the pipe and clamping the place between two dies known as forming die and clamping block.

It is also loosely held by other two dies wiper and pressure dies. The process involves mechanical force to push stock material pipe against a die, forcing the pipe to shape the die.

A mandrel placed inside the tube to prevent the collapse during bending process.


Mandrel used when a basic die set is not a proper one. It is nothing a device used in the pipe at the point of the bend to offer support for pipe when it undertakes for the process of bending.

Mandrel protects weakness where the bend produced significant thinning of the tube wall and increases the risk of flattening the pipe when bending process occurs.


It stretches the material always to some extent while bending a pipe. It is a much important process for manufacturers.

The general rule is, when the bending radius grows smaller, the material stretches more.

More chances right metal or material for an application is dictated only by the amount of elongation can be expected in fabrication and bending.

Wiper Dies

If tube placed in stress while in bending process when a thin pipe bent to a tight radius, internal wall compression results in wrinkling of the pipe wall.

This die plays a major role in reducing the wrinkling. It makes a tighter fit between the die and pipe. It cuts space for the wrinkle to occur.

Difference between Tube and Pipe

OD tube measured using the outside diameter. But the pipe is measured using the inside diameter.

When ordering dies the key point to notice is whether you are bending tube or pipe.

The dies for the tube will not bend and vice versa. Proper die for the stock removes issues or delays when it comes to the job.

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