Stamping / Pressing

It is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either coil or blank, and then forms into a stamping press where a die and tool surface forms the metal into fine shape.

What a stamping process includes? It includes a variety of sheet-metal manufacturing such as punching using embossing, stamping press, coining, bending and flanging.

Precision Metal Stamping

It is the process in which the sheet of metal used to provide a final product with precision metal parts.

When the metal sheet is inserted into the press and modeled with precision metal parts in the form of desired sizes.

Note that metal sheets with the exact thickness only to be inserted into stamping machines and you know the maximum limit of the equipment is about ¼ inch.

How it works?

It works by using intense pressure forces the dies and forms the metal materials.

What happened when the stamp removed? Thus the lettering, dies and forms are immutably engraved into the metal.

Precision stamping performed at high speeds up to 1,200 strokes per minute. It has loads of advantages such as the ability to use any alloy or metal and finally precise shapes and dimensions.

More common types of metal pressing include stainless steel, mild steel, kanthal, brass, copper, aluminium, titanium and alloy.

Metal Stamping Techniques

There are 5 main techniques used in the precision metal stamping process. Techniques include

  • Multi-slide and four slide stamping – both incorporates horizontal die presses from a large number of directions either consecutive manner or synchronous type.
  • Fine blanking – this involves metal material being sheared smoothly throughout the entire depth of the material.
  • Wire forming – this stamp the metal into the shape such as clips, rings, etc
  • Deep drawing – Using a punch it is to create impressions in-depth

The stamping process used to create more compound items such as appliances and telecommunications.

It offers exciting choices such as impression, metal or dies to create a quality product to satisfy the needs of the customer.

This metal stamping technique is of that provides maximum importance for personal safety, health, and national security.

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