Security is a very important factor for every individual, especially when he or she is working in workplaces where extreme measures of safety are required.

Some employees are performing difficult tasks and need to focus 100% of their attention to perform their job. They don’t need the additional burden of keeping themselves safe causing an error in their task.

So it’s important for organisations and employers to ensure the safety and security of their employers. Among many safety systems and techniques available, self-closing gates or doors are a common one.

These doors are usually used in factories where high-end machines are kept at or to isolate areas of a factory where there is a higher chance of a fire or to secure areas where sensitive work occurs.

Part of what’s great about these doors is that they will not bend, break or twist regardless of how much strength is applied to them.

Advantages of Self-Closing Gates

  • Many times, workers forget to close the common safety doors which can lead to damage to the machinery or other serious hazards. Use of self-closing doors prevents any external harm to the machinery and valuable technology.
  • Since the doors close automatically, they prevent any outsider from entering the room who can pose a threat to the workplace or the machinery.
  • Self-closing gates/doors are cost-effective. Usual chains and bolts for the doors are not useful because they are insecure which will cause accidents on-site and their protection from rusting needs further continuous investment. Contrary to this, installing and using a self-closing door is a one-time investment and no special cleaning is required.
  • Self-closing doors are updated with the latest security and safety measures to make sure there is no unauthorised entry.

Features of Self-Closing Safety Gates

  • Single and Double Width Gates available
  • Quickly and Easily assembled
  • Adjustable width
  • Used for internal and external applications
  • Performance tested
  • Loaded with springs that will close automatically behind the user
  • Easy to install

Where are Self-Closing Gates Used?

The following are the areas where safety gates can be used.

Stair Openings

Self-closing gates are commonly used at stair and lift entrances.

These safety gates help to prevent unwanted falls which may cause damage to people and property.

Ladder Openings

Ladders are often used in manufacturing and industrial settings.

However, many times the danger of an unprotected ladder opening is often ignored.

Self-closing gates are used for ladders and require minimal effort for their installation and use.

Dangerous Areas

When an area has been labelled unsafe because of the type of work that is carried out there or a dangerous situation has occurred before, a safety gate is a perfect solution to prevent unnecessary entry and raise awareness for the people working in the vicinity.

Roof Hatch Openings

Self-closing safety gates provide safe entrance and exit for roof hatch openings.

Safe Walking Areas

In some cases, self-closing gates can send signals if a person is entering or leaving any special entrance area thus tracking their activities.

High-Security Areas

Some companies do work of a highly sensitive nature and require higher security for people to access certain parts of their building.

Self-closing doors and gates combined with other security features, such as access control and cameras, can secure such areas.

At J&J Engineering, our safety gates and doors are built to the highest standards, using highest quality materials.

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